Terrarium Rehab

Got a terrarium that's seen better days? Looking a wee bit worse for wear and in need of some TLC?  We got you.

 Introducing Terrarium Rehab, House of Botanica's newest service. Get your terrarium looking in tip-top shape and send it straight back to its Glory Days.  

Terrarium Rehab includes: 

  • Internal and external clean of glassware/vessel,
  • Soil refresh,
  • Replacement of plants/moss,
  • Re-spray of existing golden figurine,
  • General spruce up, and
  • either pick up OR delivery of your terrarium back to you



Rehab for Apothecary Jar Terrarium (i.e the likes of Moose Habitat, Unicorn Dwelling)


Rehab for 170mm Terrarium (e.g Bessie, Clive, Jurassic Judy etc)


 Rehab for 250mm Terrarium (e.g the likes of Willie May, Denver etc)


Rehab for 330mm Terrarium (e.g Leonard & Billy Bones)




New Golden Figurine

$5 general figurine (eg Moose & other animals) 

$7 Unicorn

Bag of Fresh Moss

From $10 (depending on quantity required)


To book your terrarium into Rehab email hello@housefbotanica.co.nz