Recommended Care


At House of Botanica we choose all of our plants with care to ensure that they are healthy and suited to each terrarium.  However we cannot guarantee their survival once they have left our studio as we have no control over the environment they are kept in.  

We ask our customers to please remember that these are living plants and may not last forever.  If you note the plants in your terrarium are not up to your standards please contact us within a week of receiving your item and we will be in touch.

If an item arrives damaged please contact us immediately and we will endeavor to replace the product as soon as possible.

Most of the plants we use in our botanical gifts are easy to care for. Please refer to the below table for a few key things to remember with each plant type that will help ensure the life of your new botanical buddy.

Bright Light  Indirect Light 
 Low Light 


Bright light is very important for most succulents. If a plant has insufficient light it may start to grow stretched in appearance and weak. Plants may sunburn if subjected to extreme changes in lighting conditions. This can be remedied by gradual exposure to increasing sun intensities over a 2-3 week period.

Succulents do not take kindly to continuously damp soil so never leave the pot in a saucer of water. Every 2-3 weeks should suffice for most succulents however if the plant is subjected to extreme sunny conditions every 1-2 weeks is ideal. 

Baby’s Tears

This green plant does best if it has indirect sunlight. Leaving it in direct sun may cause the leaves to burn and lose it's vibrant green coloring. Water every 1-2 days to keep soil lightly moist at all times. 

Black Gem Aloe

These hardy plants enjoy low light conditions so they are perfect for indoor use. Water sparingly every couple of weeks to retain a healthy plant. In sunnier conditions the plant may take on a brown colour, however this will usually change back to a striking green within a couple of days of being placed back inside out of direct sunlight. 


The easiest of all! Cacti grow tend to grow in summer but in winter they like to rest therefore do not give any major waterings during the winter season. Simply moisten soil every few weeks to prevent the roots dying back.


Venus Fly Traps

Venus Fly Traps like boggy, humid environments so make sure their soil remains moist. Do not use regular tap water, as it may contain chemicals and minerals harm bog plants. Collected rainwater or distilled water is best. Try to give the plant 6-8 hours of sun per day, windowsills or north-facing decks are perfect for Venus Fly Trap plants. 


The moss terrarium is very easy to care for. Spritz with water every couple of weeks to retain a healthy green appearance. It’s best to keep them out of direct sunlight to avoid excessive condensation. The moss terrarium is another great botanical product for indoor areas with minimal light.