Terrariums & DIY Kits

 The modern ‘Terrarium' popped up in the 1960’s & 70’s but faded away into obscurity leaving those born post 1980 with the burning question: What on earth is a terrarium? Or is it a terranium?

 House of Botanica now make it possible for anyone to nurture their own little piece of botanical paradise. We aim to create unique marvels of botanical beauty to enhance any home or office, nook or cranny. Perfect for the modern living, the terrarium offers a solution for the time-poor plant killer or space-scant apartment dweller longing for a bit of Mother Nature to brighten up suburbia & enhance inner city living. 

Unlike cut flowers with a limited shelf life, these self-contained mini eco-systems are the perfect low maintenance gift that continues to keep on giving.  We have a variety of styles and a terrarium for every lighting condition so feel free to contact us about what is suitable for your space.

Terrariums available for delivery Auckland wide.  DIY Kits available for delivery Nationwide.  Please note that our turnaround time from placing the order to delivery is 3-5 days.